Fresh 48:| Baby Kase Just a few hours old

Oh my goodness look at this sweet little man.  I was so happy to be able to head to Banner Desert and capture this little man when he was just 1 day old.  There is just something about a new baby that makes my heart smile.  It was the perfect time when I arrived it was just mom, dad, and baby Kase so we were able to capture sometime with just mom and dad.  Then after a little bit Grandma brought up big brother Asher who as you would assume was already in love with his new little brother.  It was so fun to be able to include grandma in this session as well.

This time in a newborns life is the most precious time in a newborns life and I am so grateful for Jordyn and Drew for letting me come capture this special moment.  Here are just a few more from this extremely sweet session.


Talia Turns 1!!!

Talia’s family and I have been on a journey for the last year plus.  Rosy so kindly trusted me to use her and her family as my very first Maternity session, then we moved on to a newborn session, and continued with a Baby’s First Year bundle.  So Talia and I have been having fun and growing together.  This family is truly special to us we have really gotten to know each other over the 4 years when we first met in Arizona.  Our husbands work for the same company and though they have only worked on one project together it has been nice being in the same area a few times.  It is hard to believe baby Talia is 1 already this past year has gone by way to fast.  I love that we incorporated this Caterpillar into every one of her baby pictures.


Thank you Rosy for letting me capture her first year of life it has been so much fun and I can’t wait to continue to watch her grow!!


Baby G Newborn Lifestyle

Guinevere Linda was 12 days new when we were able to do her in-home newborn lifestyle session.  Baby G has such a wonderful big sister.  Elizabeth was super excited to have her picture taken.   Baby G’s mom has a special place in my heart, we were in the same Sorority in College she was my daughter.   It has been so fun to see how far she has come since Jennifer and I first became friends.  She has a wonderful husband, 2 beautiful daughters, and she also runs her very own Music Therapy business in Indianapolis (Dynamic Music Therapy).   They also do music classes for little ones.  Basically she is an awesome boss babe!  Thank you Jennifer for letting me come in and hang with your wonderful family for a little while one of these days we will get all 4 of our kiddos together to play!

Happy Birthday Steven

I am a little behind but lets just get right too it!  It is hard to believe that Steven turned 1 on the 28th of March.  He had a monster themed Birthday party so we have tried to keep a constant theme in all of his sessions Monsters!  (Thank you PaperPuff Design for the awesome banner and his beautiful Cake Topper!)

We have had so much fun over the last couple of months.

Steven was having so fun with his 1st birthday session up until the cake.  He just wasn’t that into it but come to find out he just didn’t have the appropriate utensils for eating the cake, he needed some chips.  He looked so handsome in his little hat and his daddy’s tie.  I met this little boy when he was a little over 2 months but I have had fun seeing his personality come out every time we got together with his mama and big sister Nora.  Happy Birthday little man I hope year number 2 is as awesome as year number 1!

Talia Turns 9 Months

It is hard to believe in just a few short days this pretty girl will be turning 9 months.  Time needs to slow down.  I have been photographing her family since right before she was born and I have loved watching her grow up so far. Talia was having a rough morning the day we did her milestone pictures but we were able to get some good pictures out of her.  The way to this girls heart like anyone is through her stomach so if the cookie is what she wanted the cookie is what she got.  Normally anytime we are together this girl is full of smiles so I knew she wasn’t feeling great when none of my usual tricks were working.

It was so great to be able to capture her big brother in a couple of the pictures because you can tell she adores him and just wants to play all the time with him.  It was also cool to get pictures of Talia with her mommy’s god mother who was in town for a visit.  She is definitely one very loved little girl!

BFY Colton Turns 1

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY Colton James.  It is so hard to believe that you are 1 already.  I might be a little bias because you are my nephew but you have turned into such a handsome little boy!!!  When I did your newborn pictures a year ago you were such a sweet model for me.

Colton hat.jpg

We had so much fun shooting your 1 year pictures.  Your momma had lots of outfits and hats even though you did not want to wear your hats I was able to capture some before you got them off.  We had so much fun doing your cake smash and bath pictures were so fun.  You weren’t so sure about the cake smash and you are just like your mother you made very little mess.  Thank you to your mom for letting me use you as my model for my Baby First Year Session!!!!


BFY Steven Turns 9 Months

It is hard to believe that Steven is 9 months old already but we got together the day after Christmas to document this major milestone in the first year of his life!  I love working with the Sherer family they volunteered to help me out in June when I was doing 4th of July themed mini sessions!  Linda asked if we could do an updated family photo this session for her wall and it was fun to look back at how much the Sherer family has grown but also how much I have grown in the last 6 months.

Steven has also grown so much in the last 6 months!  He is all over the place which is always so fun to watch.  He loves the grass and as much as we tried to get him to look at me he just really wanted to play with the grass…don’t worry Linda the struggle is real.  When we did my daughters one year shoot she was more into eating the grass then she was into trying the cake.  I can’t wait to shoot Steven’s one year shoot and I hope that I get to continue helping capture this fun family as they grow!!!

I also want to give a quick shout out to PaperPuff Designs for the monster banner she always makes great and quality banners for me!!!  If you are interested in hiring her she is on Etsy!!!!


Talia Baby’s First Year 4 months

Oh goodness Miss Talia is 4 months old it is just hard to believe.  I was photographing this girl before she was born.  She will be my first and only baby so far that I will get to photograph from maternity to 1 year that is as long as her family stays in Central Florida I know I am doing my best to keep them here because they have a special place in my heart.  This family has been around the world and back and I love that we are in the same area once again.

Miss Talia was the perfect little girl for pictures.  I love when I can get a good smile out of her though she usually only gives me those when I don’t have the camera around go figure right.  We got to do the caterpillar again this shoot and we will somehow use it in her next 2 sessions also as this little guy has special meaning.  He traveled all the way from Israel where her family lived for the last couple of years.  I can’t wait to continue to watch her grow and get snuggle time in where I can get them!!

Steven Turns 6 Months

I am beyond excited that Baby Steven’s momma Linda has asked me to do Steven’s pictures through the next couple of months as he heads towards that 1 year mark.  I first met Steven when he was just a month old after moving to Florida.  His momma is just one of the sweetest and I am so glad that we were able to meet up through a playgroup in St. Cloud.

Steven turned 6 months old at the end of September and I couldn’t wait to photograph him.  He is almost sitting up with a little assistance but is definitely not staying still.  He was a roller going all over the place but it made it excited, and I bet by his 9 month session he is going to make me get some exercise in chasing him around.  I can’t wait to continue to watch this little boy grow!

Here is a quick picture of when he was almost 3 months oh and his family did a 4th of July mini session with me.  Oh my how he has changed in just 3 short months!Sherer Family 9

Here are the pictures from his 6 month Session!  Thank you to Nicole Schunk with PaperPuff Design for the cute monster banner, she made them in a couple of different colors so if you have a monster theme for your kids I have more to use!!  You can find her shop on Esty  PaperPuff Design!!