Riley’s 4th of July Mini

Riley’s mom and I had been talking for a bit about whether I was going to do a 4th of July themed mini session and even though I decided against doing them I told her lets meet up and do some of Riley because lets face it that girl is such a cute and I was happy to have her in front of the camera.  Her brother Brody also came along and well we couldn’t miss out on getting him in front of the camera and luckily he was a very willing participant.  Thank you Ashley for bringing them over we had fun!!!

Talia Turns 1!!!

Talia’s family and I have been on a journey for the last year plus.  Rosy so kindly trusted me to use her and her family as my very first Maternity session, then we moved on to a newborn session, and continued with a Baby’s First Year bundle.  So Talia and I have been having fun and growing together.  This family is truly special to us we have really gotten to know each other over the 4 years when we first met in Arizona.  Our husbands work for the same company and though they have only worked on one project together it has been nice being in the same area a few times.  It is hard to believe baby Talia is 1 already this past year has gone by way to fast.  I love that we incorporated this Caterpillar into every one of her baby pictures.


Thank you Rosy for letting me capture her first year of life it has been so much fun and I can’t wait to continue to watch her grow!!


Taylor Turned 4!

This year for my daughters 4th birthday we  decided on a fairy princess tea party session and we asked 2 of her friends if they wanted to join us.  We had so much fun we went out to Lake Runnymede Conservation Area to have her session and with the moss hanging from the trees it just gave it a magical look.  I want to give a special shout out and thank you to Addy and Julie for joining us for this session and to their mamas Maria and Nicole for bringing them out to play.  By play I mean that is really what we did we just had a small play date and I took pictures.  Thanks for a great session girls!!!

Baby G Newborn Lifestyle

Guinevere Linda was 12 days new when we were able to do her in-home newborn lifestyle session.  Baby G has such a wonderful big sister.  Elizabeth was super excited to have her picture taken.   Baby G’s mom has a special place in my heart, we were in the same Sorority in College she was my daughter.   It has been so fun to see how far she has come since Jennifer and I first became friends.  She has a wonderful husband, 2 beautiful daughters, and she also runs her very own Music Therapy business in Indianapolis (Dynamic Music Therapy).   They also do music classes for little ones.  Basically she is an awesome boss babe!  Thank you Jennifer for letting me come in and hang with your wonderful family for a little while one of these days we will get all 4 of our kiddos together to play!

Clara’s Easter Mini

Clara oh Clara how pretty she is.  This girl is so photogenic I love it.  She doesn’t even have to smile she still is just such a pretty little girl.  Clara is my neighbor and is just such a joy to be around.  My kid faces light up every time she is out and I see a little bit of joy in her eyes too when they come out to play.  Really I think it is just the want to get down and run around with them because she might be just as crazy as they are.

I was so excited when her mama asked if we could do some Easter pictures she was the perfect little model (Sorry Taylor and Kyle you may have been replaced) in all seriousness though she a very pretty little girl and I have a feeling when she gets older she is going to be a heart breaker and her daddy might have to answer the door with his shot-gun in hand.  Those boys are going to come a calling.

Her mama was looking pretty as usual so we made sure to grab some quick mommy and me shots because as us mammas know we spend way more time behind the camera then we do in front of the camera.  Miss Clara I can’t wait to photograph you again!

Burish Family Mini

Katie contacted me and asked about pictures of her boys for her husbands desk at work.  She is a mom of 4 but her 2 girls played T-ball so she was good on pictures of them.  I thought yes this will be so fun.  Her boys Eric (1) and Adam (2) are just the sweetest.  Adam is kind of shy or maybe it is just around me.  So we decided to do them in Harmony because we were both going to be there for a birthday party.  I love Harmony it is very pretty and definitely no bad spots to take pictures.  We found a big shade tree near the playground this way the girls could still play but we would have dad close by if we decided to throw him in a few pictures.

The boys were perfect we got some pretty cute and candid moments.  Adam loved pointing out the planes as they flew over and Eric well he was good to just sit and smile until well he was done.  We decided last minute to put the girls into the mix, they had just come from Church so they were looking cute, and then well why not we decided to try for a family one.  We were able to get a good one before Eric decided to make a get away.  This family is so cute and I envy the way they have it all together or at least make it seem like they have it all together because I always feel like I look like a crazy person and I only have 2.  So way to go Katie and Brent you guys are doing an awesome job!!!

Katie: 2018 Senior

It is hard to believe that miss Katie is going to be a senior next year.  Wasn’t this family picture just taken yesterday?katie baby

Katie and her family have a special place in my heart as they are family.  Katie’s mom is my dad’s sister.  I joke with them that they waited to have kids till we got through all the stages of childhood so they could see what to do and what not to do.  Katie was born as I was going into my Junior year of high school so she is a lot younger than me.  I find this cool because I have got better memory of her growing up then I probably would have had, if she was my age.  She is the sweetest girl and no matter what her parents say 😉 she is growing up to be the best young adult I know.

Katie will be a senior at Plainwell HS next fall where she is section leader of the trumpets for the marching band.

Katie plans to attend college after graduation and study Nero Science (told you she is super smart) though she is not sure where yet.  She is currently looking at all schools including the dreaded Michigan University (not sure what she is thinking there lol) I am sure her parents are hoping she will become a Michigan State Alumni Go Spartans!  Though we know they will be happy with where ever she decides to go!

Katie happened to be in Florida for a spring break trip to march at Disney and do some other fun things.  Her family also traveled down to Fort Lauderdale By – the – Sea which has a special place in our heart.  So we decided to go ahead and do her senior session while I had her here and she loves the beach and water.  She scuba dives with her family so what better place to catch her in her element then at the beach.  We had fun and were able to catch the sunrise.  I hope that she had as much fun laughing and joking as I did.

Happy Birthday Steven

I am a little behind but lets just get right too it!  It is hard to believe that Steven turned 1 on the 28th of March.  He had a monster themed Birthday party so we have tried to keep a constant theme in all of his sessions Monsters!  (Thank you PaperPuff Design for the awesome banner and his beautiful Cake Topper!)

We have had so much fun over the last couple of months.

Steven was having so fun with his 1st birthday session up until the cake.  He just wasn’t that into it but come to find out he just didn’t have the appropriate utensils for eating the cake, he needed some chips.  He looked so handsome in his little hat and his daddy’s tie.  I met this little boy when he was a little over 2 months but I have had fun seeing his personality come out every time we got together with his mama and big sister Nora.  Happy Birthday little man I hope year number 2 is as awesome as year number 1!

Sophie ~ 2018 Senior

I want to introduce everyone to Sophie.  She is a current senior majoring in Creative Writing at Osceola County School for the Arts.  She is very fascinated with people’s stories and love to write.  Her favorite types of writing are memoirs and creative fiction.  I find this very cool.  She is a girl after my own heart.  I love telling a story with a camera and she loves writing the stories down.  She is hoping for a career in the medical field and hopes to study at Vanderbilt University.  She loves to do competitive speech and debate, writing and art, which might give you insight to our locations for her shoot.  She also loves to drive her car.

For Sophie’s session she said that she likes going to the Orlando Art Museum so it was on our list.  Then she found some street art in Orlando that we decided to check out.  I had her bring her notebook that she likes to write in with her since creative writing is what she is majoring in at Osceola County School for the Arts.  While we were taking pictures around some of the street art we found around town she said she also loves coffee shops.  So last minute we decided to stop by a little coffee shop called Market on South!  It was such a cute little coffee shop where they have lots of plants and herbs growing outside.  It was a fun place to sit down and learn things about Sophie and finding how much she really loves her little sister who is 5 years old and how alike her sister is with my daughter.  We then headed over to the Art museum and the Museum of American Art.  Over all a very fun afternoon!  Thank you Sophie for allowing me to do your pictures.


BFY Colton Turns 1

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY Colton James.  It is so hard to believe that you are 1 already.  I might be a little bias because you are my nephew but you have turned into such a handsome little boy!!!  When I did your newborn pictures a year ago you were such a sweet model for me.

Colton hat.jpg

We had so much fun shooting your 1 year pictures.  Your momma had lots of outfits and hats even though you did not want to wear your hats I was able to capture some before you got them off.  We had so much fun doing your cake smash and bath pictures were so fun.  You weren’t so sure about the cake smash and you are just like your mother you made very little mess.  Thank you to your mom for letting me use you as my model for my Baby First Year Session!!!!