Happy Birthday Steven

I am a little behind but lets just get right too it!  It is hard to believe that Steven turned 1 on the 28th of March.  He had a monster themed Birthday party so we have tried to keep a constant theme in all of his sessions Monsters!  (Thank you PaperPuff Design for the awesome banner and his beautiful Cake Topper!)

We have had so much fun over the last couple of months.

Steven was having so fun with his 1st birthday session up until the cake.  He just wasn’t that into it but come to find out he just didn’t have the appropriate utensils for eating the cake, he needed some chips.  He looked so handsome in his little hat and his daddy’s tie.  I met this little boy when he was a little over 2 months but I have had fun seeing his personality come out every time we got together with his mama and big sister Nora.  Happy Birthday little man I hope year number 2 is as awesome as year number 1!

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