Water User: Why you should trust your Photographer

This mama has trusted me with every shoot we have done together. Everything from style to location to my creative eye for shooting. All of her family picture I have styled them head to toe. Lucky for her she has had most of their outfits in their closets but you don’t have to have a picture perfect closet, I can send you links to outfits that should work for your family. I am also currently working on building up a client closet with outfits for mom. When ever you book a session I will send you my style guide, if you book a full family session I will go even further to help you find outfits.

I also have quite a few locations that I love to shoot at and I will help you to find a location that will work for your family. I want to make sure everything is exactly how you had hoped. I want you to print these photos and have them displayed in your house so you can enjoy them and friends and family can boast about how gorgeous your family is!

This family trusted me when I said lets go play in the water! They didn’t hesitate when I asked them to do this session with me. Morgan always has the best dresses and I secretly want to take this dress and put it in my client closet for all of you to wear but I have been looking at a few of them on resale sights so hopefully soon! We went and played in the water in the morning light but I also think this spot would be beautiful in the evening time soon. With the light hitting the mountain! Here are just a few of my favorites (sorry for the over share I have a lot that are my favorites) along with a cute little film of the family that I put together!

Usery Mountain Regional Park: Banowetz Family

It was so much fun to get together with this family! I got to meet Brooke when I was doing a maternity shoot for her best friend and there is no bigger complement then being asked to do family pictures for her family when everyone was in town. We went with the desert and boy did the Arizona sunset show up. We also grabbed some head shots for the kids. Now a days I highly recommend it for your social media and LinkedIn sites I love shooting at Usery Mountain Regional Park and would be up for venturing out there a few more times this fall! Who’s in?

Queen Creek Wash: Yates Family Session

It was so fun to meet the Yates Family, we got to venture to new location and I am all about that. We went to Queen Creek Wash which was an interesting place. There are trees and a lot of sand there. It was so hot this night I think when we finished their session it was a 107 but everyone powered through and hopefully mom loved photos that we were able to get. I also love that we got to include Grandma in the images. Here are a few of my favorites from their session.

Desert Botanical Gardens: Bauer Motherhood Session

Let me start out by saying as a mom I know just how important these images are to all of us moms. 9 time out of 10 we are the one’s taking the pictures and so the ones we are in are just those sometimes flattering but mostly unflattering selfies. Come on we all know we have taken one and thought wow that was a really terrible angle why did I do that? So lets help with that problem and let’s get all of you moms in front of my camera for the memories to be frozen in time of you being with your kids. You hate being in front of the camera? Please don’t let that stop you because one day these images are the only ones that your kids are going to have. Also life is so short we never know what image might be the last with a member of your family. We all never want that to happen but we all know one thing, tomorrow is never promised.

I love that Morgan wanted to take this time to capture herself an Aiden. Morgan has been a stay at home mom and loves all the adventures she and Aiden get to go on, but Aiden is starting Kindergarten in the spring and as for every mom this is a hard pill to swallow. When you spend your whole self with your child this step is a lot. I know that after a week or two Morgan with be ok and she will love some of her quiet time but it will take a moment. I was so happy that she asked me to capture these moments so she can freeze this time in life forever!

Downtown Phoenix: The Staten Family

I just got to hang out with the Staten family a month ago for sweet handsome Ronin’s Fresh48 session.  I was so excited when Julia said that she wanted to do another family session this year.  Nothing makes a photographer feel really good then when a client keeps returning to them.  I had so much fun with Julia and Lee and the girls…oh yeah and sweet baby Ronin.  We walked around Roosevelt Row and part of Downtown Phoenix.  I also am still floored by how much downtown Phoenix has grown and delevloped and I love it.  I don’t shoot down there much but when I do I always love finding new places to shoot like brick building with this big white door.

The Riparian Preserve: Featherston Family

I am so happy to have this family infront of my camera.  Each time I get them there Walter has grown a little bit more.  I did his newborn pictures then we did some more around his 6 month birthday and now he is just shy of a year and a half!  He and I have both grown so much though he may have been annoyed that I kept calling him Wyatt which is Kyle’s best friend Zoey’s little brother.  Sorry Walter to many w’s around.  I love getting together with Dallas and Robbin they are so cute together, I am so happy Robbin came into Dallas’ life.  Here are a few of my favorites from their family session.  We had so many cute ones from their family mini!

The Riparian Preserve: Ranya+Adam’s Engagement Session

Ranya found me on facebook and I am glad she did.  I love meeting new people, Ranya and Adam were the sweetest.  They seemed all excited about their Summer New York wedding I bet it will be amazing.  New York in the summer, I want to go sometime.  I have dreamed of visiting New York City and seeing shows and touring the stations though that might be harder now that I don’t work for one of the affiliates (if anyone wants to hook a girl up).  Anyways I am so thankful that Ranya reached out to be to capture some engagement pictures while her Fiance Adam was in town.

Coon Bluff: Oldham Family

I always love meeting new families, especially families who I have things in common with.  Surprisingly in all the years that my husband has worked for his company Andie and I have not ever gotten the chance to meet till now.  I am so happy that we finally got to meet she is the sweetest and has such a fun family.  You can tell that Kash and Zane love their big sister Alyana.  And she has it figured out how to get her brothers to do things bribe them with Starbucks lol.  Andie and Kable are very sweet together and I am so honored that they chose me to capture this moment in time for their family.  Here are just a few of my favorites from their family!

Veterans Oasis Park: Patton Family

I love this mama and I am so happy she has come into my life when I needed her most.  I love that each of my friends have seemed to be placed in my life for different things that I have needed in life and I am happy to have her as part of my tribe.  I think we had so much fun during this session, the girls did so well as Rachael and I talked we decided this year went way better then last year but the girls know me better this year then last and I think that helps a lot.  Anyways here are some of my favorites from their session.

Veterans Oasis Park: Farmer Family Session

First off I want to talk about Lucy this girl came ready for her pictures.  I said Lucy you want me to start you and she looked at me with this pose.farmer_family_blog (1 of 17)

I mean if this doesn’t make you smile then I don’t know what will.  Nathaniel wasn’t so bad either.  The whole family came ready.   It always makes me so happy to hang out with my friends and this was no different.  Meredith and her family moved here from Florida not to long after my family moved here from Florida.  Here are a few of my favorites from their session.  I love the beautiful fall leaves we were able to find.