Steven Turns 6 Months

I am beyond excited that Baby Steven’s momma Linda has asked me to do Steven’s pictures through the next couple of months as he heads towards that 1 year mark.  I first met Steven when he was just a month old after moving to Florida.  His momma is just one of the sweetest and I am so glad that we were able to meet up through a playgroup in St. Cloud.

Steven turned 6 months old at the end of September and I couldn’t wait to photograph him.  He is almost sitting up with a little assistance but is definitely not staying still.  He was a roller going all over the place but it made it excited, and I bet by his 9 month session he is going to make me get some exercise in chasing him around.  I can’t wait to continue to watch this little boy grow!

Here is a quick picture of when he was almost 3 months oh and his family did a 4th of July mini session with me.  Oh my how he has changed in just 3 short months!Sherer Family 9

Here are the pictures from his 6 month Session!  Thank you to Nicole Schunk with PaperPuff Design for the cute monster banner, she made them in a couple of different colors so if you have a monster theme for your kids I have more to use!!  You can find her shop on Esty  PaperPuff Design!!


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