My name is Jennifer I am a Lifestyle photographer in Chandler, Arizona!  I am also a wife and mother to 2 small children, Taylor age 4 and Kyle age 3.  Before I had kids I spent 10 years in the news business doing both editing and working behind the camera.  While working at the many news stations I have gotten the chance to cover the good, the bad, and the ugly (as meaning the death and crime).  My favorite stories to tell where the happy and good things happening in the community.  Getting a glimpse into people’s lives and being able to tell their stories was always my favorite things to do.  I know your family story is an important one, and having them captured in pictures to look back on through out the years is important.  Especially after children get older and life gets busier you never want to forget all the wonderful memories you have made.

     My goal with my photography is to continue to tell stories.