Talia Turns 9 Months

It is hard to believe in just a few short days this pretty girl will be turning 9 months.  Time needs to slow down.  I have been photographing her family since right before she was born and I have loved watching her grow up so far. Talia was having a rough morning the day we did her milestone pictures but we were able to get some good pictures out of her.  The way to this girls heart like anyone is through her stomach so if the cookie is what she wanted the cookie is what she got.  Normally anytime we are together this girl is full of smiles so I knew she wasn’t feeling great when none of my usual tricks were working.

It was so great to be able to capture her big brother in a couple of the pictures because you can tell she adores him and just wants to play all the time with him.  It was also cool to get pictures of Talia with her mommy’s god mother who was in town for a visit.  She is definitely one very loved little girl!

BFY Steven Turns 9 Months

It is hard to believe that Steven is 9 months old already but we got together the day after Christmas to document this major milestone in the first year of his life!  I love working with the Sherer family they volunteered to help me out in June when I was doing 4th of July themed mini sessions!  Linda asked if we could do an updated family photo this session for her wall and it was fun to look back at how much the Sherer family has grown but also how much I have grown in the last 6 months.

Steven has also grown so much in the last 6 months!  He is all over the place which is always so fun to watch.  He loves the grass and as much as we tried to get him to look at me he just really wanted to play with the grass…don’t worry Linda the struggle is real.  When we did my daughters one year shoot she was more into eating the grass then she was into trying the cake.  I can’t wait to shoot Steven’s one year shoot and I hope that I get to continue helping capture this fun family as they grow!!!

I also want to give a quick shout out to PaperPuff Designs for the monster banner she always makes great and quality banners for me!!!  If you are interested in hiring her she is on Etsy!!!!


BFY Colton 9 Months

Wow little boy you need to slow down it is hard to believe that you are 9 months almost 10 months already.  You are getting way to big way to fast I love getting to watch you grow up.  The fact that we are closer is making it even better.  Colton is another little one that I have gotten to take pictures of since he was a newborn.  Both of us have grown so much in the last 9 months and still have a lot of growing yet to do.  It is hard to believe the next time I photograph him, he will be a year which is crazy to me.  He is one of the most handsome boys I know but I might be a little biases since he is my nephew.

We decided to try some pictures in side with a rocker that is my parents and I believe came from one of my grandparents houses I believe my moms parents.  Anyways my parents have a beautiful fireplace so it worked perfect for the setting.  We then headed out because it was a beautiful warm November day.  The leave have started to change colors and fall so it was the perfect fall setting and Colton loved just crawling every where.  I am sad your first year is almost over but we have all enjoyed every minute of it so far!