Fresh48: Meet Baby Ronin


I was beyond excited for my friend Julia and her husband Lee when they announced that they were expecting a little boy!  I wasn’t in town when they had their little girl Kennedy so it is fun to be in town for Ronin.  I was extra excited and honored when she asked if I would do a fresh 48 for her little family.  Ronin is just the cutest thing in the world and he has 3 of the best big sisters.  One of which was at the hospital too meet him.  Kennedy is just the cutest and already such a great big sister.  She is planning on teaching him all the fun things!  Here are a few of my favorite from their session plus a little film that I put together for them!


Veterans Oasis: Porter Family Mini

I got to meet Marie through another mom friend and we became fast friends.  She is the sweetest mom raising two very awesome human beings!  Hudson and Gemma are two of the cutests kids.  We did valentine’s day pictures back in February and Gemma didn’t want anything to do with me or my camera and this time we were able to capture her super cuteness.  And we ended the night checking on the ducks in the water!

Chandler: Cousins Are The Best!

How fun is it when you can sit down and do a session with your cousins especially when the cousins range from 3 months to 5 years old. This was a fun little challenge for me but it reminded me a lot of my family. When ever we get together we try to do a grandkids sessions and the last time that had 10 kids ranging in age of 9 months to 12 years.

Baby V and Luke are so lucky to be so close in age and so close together and then the girl are all so close in age also. It is fun that they all live so close together and get to grow up together.

Lincoln Boyhood National Park: Dillman Family

I have known Jackie for a long time.  Her dad taught at the same high school my parents taught and worked at.  Her dad also coached track with my dad so we spent a lot of times as kids together.  The last time I did pictures with them was when she was pregnant with Phoebe so this session was a long time in the making.  Her munchkins are full of so much energy but I had fun chasing them around and they definitely helped me get my work out in but I was so happy I could capture this moment in life for her.

Parkland, Jasper Indiana: Keller Family

It was so fun getting to head home for a couple of weeks and what made it even better was getting to catch up with friends whom I haven’t seen in a really long time.  I can’t believe how grown Jacob has gotten. His mom was talking about how he got to go to space camp for a week how cool is that. Then there is Oscar he is what I call a superhero.  He has been through a lot in his short little life and seems to be such a happy little boy. I can not forget about their mom and dad. We worked together many moons ago and it is so fun to see what they are up to now.  Joe is teaching at Forest Park and Kayla is now teaching at Wesleyan Kentucky University. Here are some fun pictures from a new location in Jasper called Parkland!

Phon D & Coon Bluff: Naderi Maternity

Meet the Naderi family, they are expecting another boy and are so very excited about it!  You can already tell that Aiden is going to be a good big brother.  It was so much fun getting to know Naderi and her family.  I hope that the transition from a family of 3 to a family of 4 goes smoothly.

Veteran’s Oasis Park: Tribble Family

Lets talk about the Tribble family and how fun they are!  Ed and I have known each other from our days at channel 12.  It was so nice to see a familiar face when I took my daughter to Preschool one day and I saw Ed there dropping off his boys.  Then fast forward to this past year and Ed’s youngest boy and my son Kyle were in the same class.  It was so nice to see him and to finally meet his sweet wife.  I was so excited when Ed came up to me one day at school and asked if we could do a mini session.  We happen to schedule it on the hottest day of the year so far but the kiddos did a fantastic job and we were still able to capture some beautiful images for them!  One of my favorite photos that I needed or wanted to include was the funny outtake it was how we ended our fun session!