National Adoption Month

Did you know November was national Adoption month? There are so many sweet kids out there looking for a forever family. This month has me looking back on this time last year when I was able to help capture some special memories for my dear friend.

I want to introduce you to my friend Caitlin and her husband Chris.

I swear they have the biggest hearts. They decided to go on the journey to foster to adopt. They were able to help a couple of kiddos but it is the last one that ended up with his forever home. Meet Ryland!

This kid has the sweetest heart every time I saw him or we hung out I always got the best hugs. Ryland had been in foster care for a while he came to Caitlin and Chris when he was 2 or almost 2. Turns out he would find his forever family in my friend Caitlins family. I was able to capture this family a lot and I loved and felt honored that she wanted me to be a part of it. While I was unable to make it work with my schedule to be there during the zoom hearing that would officially make him one of the family I still was able to capture part of their day!!! Happy 1 year Gotcha Ya Day Ryland!!!

Desert Botanical Gardens: Bauer Motherhood Session

Let me start out by saying as a mom I know just how important these images are to all of us moms. 9 time out of 10 we are the one’s taking the pictures and so the ones we are in are just those sometimes flattering but mostly unflattering selfies. Come on we all know we have taken one and thought wow that was a really terrible angle why did I do that? So lets help with that problem and let’s get all of you moms in front of my camera for the memories to be frozen in time of you being with your kids. You hate being in front of the camera? Please don’t let that stop you because one day these images are the only ones that your kids are going to have. Also life is so short we never know what image might be the last with a member of your family. We all never want that to happen but we all know one thing, tomorrow is never promised.

I love that Morgan wanted to take this time to capture herself an Aiden. Morgan has been a stay at home mom and loves all the adventures she and Aiden get to go on, but Aiden is starting Kindergarten in the spring and as for every mom this is a hard pill to swallow. When you spend your whole self with your child this step is a lot. I know that after a week or two Morgan with be ok and she will love some of her quiet time but it will take a moment. I was so happy that she asked me to capture these moments so she can freeze this time in life forever!

Veteran’s Oasis Park: Miller Maternity

What can I say this family is absolutely gorgeous and Bri was so cute one would think she was happy even when she wasn’t.  I was beyond excited when Lauren contacted me back in November to capture some family and maternity pictures for her.  She was was my first session of 2020 and it was the best way to kick off a year that I am sure will be a great year.  I have known Lauren and Brendan for a few years, she is the absolute cutest pregnant mama.  It takes a lot of work to grow a human while chasing around a toddler but she does it so well.  Here are just a few of my favorites from their session!!!

Gilbert Newborn: Meet Baby Noah

It was so fun getting to know Patrick and Jennifer during their maternity session and I was beyond excited when Jennifer said that they also wanted to add a newborn session on.  I love capturing everything from bump to baby.  Jennifer was a beautiful pregnant mama but she is most definitely glowing now that Noah is here.  She and Patrick are such sweet parents and you can tell that Noah has them wrapped around his little finger which is exactly where they belong.  I loved getting to come to their home and capturing little Noah.  He was just barely 2 weeks old but really had a fear of missing out and stayed awake for most of the session.  I have a lot that are my favorites from my session I had a hard time narrowing it down.  I also am including a shorten version of their film.

Haldiman Farm: Extended Family

19 people some may call that crazy some call it Family.  I had so much fun with the Haldiman Family, I felt right at home with them.  Joan and John and their 3 boys and 1 girl, their spouses and all the of their grand kids they have quit the family and the boys are ruling in this family.  I am also one of 4 and there are 12 grand kids for my parents so I know what it means to wrangle a big family it is a challenge I am always willing to take.  We did this session on the Haldiman Farm with all of their cool cars.  I felt like I was back home in the early 2000’s when everyone was so proud of their cars and wanted them in all their pictures.  I loved the old trucks and excited when they asked if we could use them in their pictures.  Kelsey I may want to borrow they are just so cool to photograph.  Here are a few of my favorites from their session!

Anderson Lakes: Grandparents Session

I know I have said this before but I love doing a session with grandparents.  I think they are just as important to have these sessions as I do getting family pictures when your kiddos are young.  The next time I visit home I am going to make my own parents get in front of the camera with my own kiddos.  I was excited when Michelle contacted me and wanted to do a session with her grand kids and for her daughter and son-in-law.  I absolutely love hanging out with Jordyn and her mom is just the sweetest.  The evening of this session her kiddos switched places usually Asher is the one who wants nothing to do with pictures but this day Kase was all about the water that was around us and wanted very little to do with me and the camera hahaha.  I still think we were able to capture some sweet moments with everyone.

The Riparian Preserve: Lawler Family

Let me first start out by saying how cute is this family?  They are so much fun and you can tell there is so much love between all of them.  Caitlin and Chris are doing such a wonderful job I don’t know how they do it I have my hands full with 2 and they have 4 under contol.   Also how adorable are the kids.  I have seen Caitlin’s Christmas pictures in the past so I knew it was going to be some kind of theme and I was OK with that because I knew it would be super cute and she did not disappoint.  The boys in their hats and the girls in their unicorn headbands.  Here are a few of my favorites from their session.

The Riparian Preserve: Robinson Family

I love when families come back to me each year.  Tiffany and Marissa were no different.  It is always fun to watch the families grown and Caiden and Sawyer have grown a lot this past year.  I loved getting to capture the boys with their grandparents this year.  Tiffany’s mom lives here now and Marissa’s parents were in for Sawyer’s 3rd birthday Party and Thanksgiving so what better thing to do then include them in the session.  This is always a decision I cheer on and I encourage anyone else if the Grandparents are here include them they will cherish those pictures forever!

The Riparian Preserve: Wertheim Maternity

There is something about a new mommy and daddy to be that seriously gets me giddy.  They are about to enter this new phase of life it is a lot of unknown.  You try to go in prepared but lets face it kids don’t come with a manual as much as everyone says they should.  I am so excited for Jennifer and Patrick because it is baby month and they are about to enter this new chapter with their little man.  I can not wait to capture their new addition once he is here.  Here is to hoping everything over the next couple of weeks goes smoothly for this family as they bring a new edition into this world.


Veterans Oasis Park: Nyunt Family

Let’s talk about this family they were so much fun and had me laughing the whole time. Alex is a member of our military and was serving over seas last year so this year is extra special for them. I will never understand how spouses do it with their partner overseas for 9-12 months. I will always consider them superhero’s. This mama is no exception she is super woman! And more props she got 8 people picture ready and beat me to the location and I was early haha. These kiddos are so lucky to have parents that love them so much you can see it and feel it. Here are just a few of my favorites from their session!!! Thank you Caitlin for Entrusting me for these extra special pictures!