Nichols Park: Valentine’s Day Minis!

2019 is going to be great year I just know it. And to kick off 2019 I held a morning of Valentine’s Day Minis and I had some of the cutest kiddos come out for it! I had 4 families participate and I think we had a lot of fun. For a few it was their first Valentine’s Day.

Mesa: Bataller Family

Let me tell you about this wonderful family.  This is the Bataller family, Kacie and I use to work together in my previous life.  Since I have started my family and changed my career to a sahm Kacie met her husband David and they now have 4 beautiful girls.  How is crazy is this they have identical triplet girls.  I got to sit and talk to Kacie’s mom before the session and we were talking about the 3 girls and how they tell them apart she told me about each of the girls personalities and those are definitely already shining through.  They each have their on unique personalities and big sister Viviana seems to be taking having 3 sisters in stride and she looks like she is a good big sister.  Kacie’s mom wanted pictures of her with the girls for Christmas this year and I was honored that Kacie asked me if I could do them for her.  Here are a few more from their session!

Papago Park: Haldiman Family

Meet the Haldiman family they are super sweet.  Kelsey’s and I have know each other for a few years.  Her family like mine has moved around a bit.  But they have made it back to Arizona where they have family.  I was so excited when she messaged me and wanted to do family pictures.  I was finally able to meet her 2 boys who might I say are the cutest little boys around.  Here are some more pictures from their mini fall session.

Chandler In-Home: Patton Family

So when Rachael and I talked about what she wanted to do for her family session she had expressed an interest in doing pictures in front of their christmas tree.  So we came up with this fun idea to have her family decorate their tree before we took family pictures.  It was fun doing some lifestyle pictures for them as this was there first Christmas in the desert.  So here are some of the pictures from their in-home lifestyle session.

Papago Park: Rathbun Family

Cassie and I use to work together on the same show at channel 12.  It was fun getting to work with their family again.  Avery is such a cute and Bryson is getting so big.  It is fun to watch their family grow.  It was such a pleasure capturing some more photos of their family this past fall.  Enjoy some more from their session at Papago Park.


Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch: Hendrick Family

I was so excited to photography the Hendrick family again.  Jordyn was so kind to let me come and do a Fresh 48hr Session after Case was born.  I was so happy to hear from her husband Drew who wanted to do a fall session for Jordyn for her birthday that was in Oct.  I mean how sweet is he?

Asher was having a typical day for any 2-year-old his favorite word was no but I think that managed to get a couple of good photos with him them.  Jordyn’s mom was also in town so it was fun to get her in a few of the photographs also.  Michelle is so sweet I see were Jordyn gets her sweetness.  Thank you to the Hendricks family for always being so sweet!


Scorpion Gulch: Staten Family

I was so excited about this family!  Back in the spring after my family moved back to Arizona she told me how excited she was to have me capture her family this fall which made me so excited!

So around came fall and I got to photographer her beautiful family.  Lee has two very pretty girls and together Julia and Lee have a very cute and sassy 4-year-old.  And lets just face it Julia and Lee are very beautiful people so together their family is gorgeous!  Check out some of the pictures from their session.