Newborn: Baby Walter

Let’s talk newborns I mean are they just not the sweetest little people around?  I am always super jealous of the ones with a ton of hair though I know what mama had to go through with the heartburn.

Let me introduce you to a little man who has the best head of hair!  His name is Walter and isn’t he just the cutest thing around?  All that hair and his parents are the sweetest.  Dallas works with my husband and back when my husband and I first moved to the valley we rented a house with Dallas boy was that a while ago.  Since then both have married and settled down and have now started families of their own.  Dallas’s sweet wife Robbin has become a friend of mine and so I was so beyond excited when she asked if I would come and take Walter’s Newborn pictures.  We had so much fun.  Thank you Dallas and Robbin and I can’t wait for more snuggle times with baby Walter.


Family Session:| Kirsch family Riparian Reserve at Water Ranch

What a nice night with the Kirsch family.  We had a nice sunset at the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch.  The nice sunset and Kayla’s pretty blue dress helped to make her Sunset hair standout.

I am so happy that I have gotten to know Kayla as a friend and miss Bailey has quickly become one of my kids favorites.  We are going to miss them when they move back to Florida.


Couple’s Session:| Pacheco/Herold Riparian Reserve at Water Ranch session

So normally you see me posting blogs on newborn, family, and kids session but every once in a while I like to change things up.  I was really excited to when Mike came to me and asked for me to do his and Liz’s save-the-date pictures.  We had so much fun we headed out to the Gilbert Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch for a sunset session.  This couple was so much fun we had a good time and we were able to capture some sweet moments between Liz and Mike.  Even though I will not be capturing their wedding I am excited for their special day.  I know it will be a wonderful start to this new chapter in their lives.


Fresh 48:| Baby Kase Just a few hours old

Oh my goodness look at this sweet little man.  I was so happy to be able to head to Banner Desert and capture this little man when he was just 1 day old.  There is just something about a new baby that makes my heart smile.  It was the perfect time when I arrived it was just mom, dad, and baby Kase so we were able to capture sometime with just mom and dad.  Then after a little bit Grandma brought up big brother Asher who as you would assume was already in love with his new little brother.  It was so fun to be able to include grandma in this session as well.

This time in a newborns life is the most precious time in a newborns life and I am so grateful for Jordyn and Drew for letting me come capture this special moment.  Here are just a few more from this extremely sweet session.


The Hays Family

I had so much fun with the Hay’s family.  They were my very last family in Florida.  Madison is just the cutest and reminds me of my own daughter spunky.  And Austin is seems a bit shy but full of a lot of energy.  We had such a great time at Lake Runnymede Conservation area.  That had to be by far my favorite place to shoot in Florida. I love the moss hanging from the trees!

Julie’s Christmas Mini

Julie’s mama asked if I could capture just one picture for her Christmas Cards.  The problem is we had a few for her to pick from and by a few I mean like 15 (I like to make this difficult for her mama I mean what are friends for).  I have taken pictures of Julie a few times over the year and a half I have known her and her mama and I noticed that as she has warmed up to me the pictures have gotten easier.  Julie is a mover and she is quick but I love showing her mom that it is OK we can still capture some awesome photos.

The Magill Bunch

It is always so much fun when I get together with my sister and I love when she asks me to update their family pictures.  The kids are getting way to big but they sure are cute.  We had so much fun going over to the park by my parents house to capture some family pictures.  They are a pretty easy group to work with full of a bunch of cheezers.  They are always so much fun which comes out in all of their pictures so enjoy!!

The Burish Clan

So I am back to blogging now that we are through the busy season and I have made it through the move from Florida to Arizona so I will be spending the next couple of weeks catching up on Blogs.  First up the Burish Clan.

This clan is one of my favorites and this session was just so much fun.  Katie asked me if I could meet them at the park and also grab some pictures from the t-ball game 2 of the kids were playing in.  This just made my day because I love a good documentary/lifestyle session and that is what this turned out to be!  The last time we did pictures the kiddos were like who are you I am not sure I will smile or sit still for you.  Well it was still super hard to get one solid picture of all four kiddos but they were Definitely not shy this time.