Burish Family Mini

Katie contacted me and asked about pictures of her boys for her husbands desk at work.  She is a mom of 4 but her 2 girls played T-ball so she was good on pictures of them.  I thought yes this will be so fun.  Her boys Eric (1) and Adam (2) are just the sweetest.  Adam is kind of shy or maybe it is just around me.  So we decided to do them in Harmony because we were both going to be there for a birthday party.  I love Harmony it is very pretty and definitely no bad spots to take pictures.  We found a big shade tree near the playground this way the girls could still play but we would have dad close by if we decided to throw him in a few pictures.

The boys were perfect we got some pretty cute and candid moments.  Adam loved pointing out the planes as they flew over and Eric well he was good to just sit and smile until well he was done.  We decided last minute to put the girls into the mix, they had just come from Church so they were looking cute, and then well why not we decided to try for a family one.  We were able to get a good one before Eric decided to make a get away.  This family is so cute and I envy the way they have it all together or at least make it seem like they have it all together because I always feel like I look like a crazy person and I only have 2.  So way to go Katie and Brent you guys are doing an awesome job!!!

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