Clara’s Easter Mini

Clara oh Clara how pretty she is.  This girl is so photogenic I love it.  She doesn’t even have to smile she still is just such a pretty little girl.  Clara is my neighbor and is just such a joy to be around.  My kid faces light up every time she is out and I see a little bit of joy in her eyes too when they come out to play.  Really I think it is just the want to get down and run around with them because she might be just as crazy as they are.

I was so excited when her mama asked if we could do some Easter pictures she was the perfect little model (Sorry Taylor and Kyle you may have been replaced) in all seriousness though she a very pretty little girl and I have a feeling when she gets older she is going to be a heart breaker and her daddy might have to answer the door with his shot-gun in hand.  Those boys are going to come a calling.

Her mama was looking pretty as usual so we made sure to grab some quick mommy and me shots because as us mammas know we spend way more time behind the camera then we do in front of the camera.  Miss Clara I can’t wait to photograph you again!

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