Coon Bluff: Samantha’s 2019 Senior Session

It was so incredibly nice getting to know Samantha as  we did her senior session.  Samantha was a 2019 senior at Desert Ridge High School where she was part of Student council, the math club, and do community service.   She loves country music which came in handy during our session.  Did you know listening to music helps loosen you up and makes you not so stiff during your session.  Samantha was so willing to do what I asked of her and at the very end of the session we were rewarded with some pretty wild horses going through behind us!  She had so many great images I couldn’t narrow them down.

Katie: 2018 Senior

It is hard to believe that miss Katie is going to be a senior next year.  Wasn’t this family picture just taken yesterday?katie baby

Katie and her family have a special place in my heart as they are family.  Katie’s mom is my dad’s sister.  I joke with them that they waited to have kids till we got through all the stages of childhood so they could see what to do and what not to do.  Katie was born as I was going into my Junior year of high school so she is a lot younger than me.  I find this cool because I have got better memory of her growing up then I probably would have had, if she was my age.  She is the sweetest girl and no matter what her parents say 😉 she is growing up to be the best young adult I know.

Katie will be a senior at Plainwell HS next fall where she is section leader of the trumpets for the marching band.

Katie plans to attend college after graduation and study Nero Science (told you she is super smart) though she is not sure where yet.  She is currently looking at all schools including the dreaded Michigan University (not sure what she is thinking there lol) I am sure her parents are hoping she will become a Michigan State Alumni Go Spartans!  Though we know they will be happy with where ever she decides to go!

Katie happened to be in Florida for a spring break trip to march at Disney and do some other fun things.  Her family also traveled down to Fort Lauderdale By – the – Sea which has a special place in our heart.  So we decided to go ahead and do her senior session while I had her here and she loves the beach and water.  She scuba dives with her family so what better place to catch her in her element then at the beach.  We had fun and were able to catch the sunrise.  I hope that she had as much fun laughing and joking as I did.

Sophie ~ 2018 Senior

I want to introduce everyone to Sophie.  She is a current senior majoring in Creative Writing at Osceola County School for the Arts.  She is very fascinated with people’s stories and love to write.  Her favorite types of writing are memoirs and creative fiction.  I find this very cool.  She is a girl after my own heart.  I love telling a story with a camera and she loves writing the stories down.  She is hoping for a career in the medical field and hopes to study at Vanderbilt University.  She loves to do competitive speech and debate, writing and art, which might give you insight to our locations for her shoot.  She also loves to drive her car.

For Sophie’s session she said that she likes going to the Orlando Art Museum so it was on our list.  Then she found some street art in Orlando that we decided to check out.  I had her bring her notebook that she likes to write in with her since creative writing is what she is majoring in at Osceola County School for the Arts.  While we were taking pictures around some of the street art we found around town she said she also loves coffee shops.  So last minute we decided to stop by a little coffee shop called Market on South!  It was such a cute little coffee shop where they have lots of plants and herbs growing outside.  It was a fun place to sit down and learn things about Sophie and finding how much she really loves her little sister who is 5 years old and how alike her sister is with my daughter.  We then headed over to the Art museum and the Museum of American Art.  Over all a very fun afternoon!  Thank you Sophie for allowing me to do your pictures.