Desert Botanical Gardens: Bauer Motherhood Session

Let me start out by saying as a mom I know just how important these images are to all of us moms. 9 time out of 10 we are the one’s taking the pictures and so the ones we are in are just those sometimes flattering but mostly unflattering selfies. Come on we all know we have taken one and thought wow that was a really terrible angle why did I do that? So lets help with that problem and let’s get all of you moms in front of my camera for the memories to be frozen in time of you being with your kids. You hate being in front of the camera? Please don’t let that stop you because one day these images are the only ones that your kids are going to have. Also life is so short we never know what image might be the last with a member of your family. We all never want that to happen but we all know one thing, tomorrow is never promised.

I love that Morgan wanted to take this time to capture herself an Aiden. Morgan has been a stay at home mom and loves all the adventures she and Aiden get to go on, but Aiden is starting Kindergarten in the spring and as for every mom this is a hard pill to swallow. When you spend your whole self with your child this step is a lot. I know that after a week or two Morgan with be ok and she will love some of her quiet time but it will take a moment. I was so happy that she asked me to capture these moments so she can freeze this time in life forever!