The Riparian Preserve: Featherston Family

I am so happy to have this family infront of my camera.  Each time I get them there Walter has grown a little bit more.  I did his newborn pictures then we did some more around his 6 month birthday and now he is just shy of a year and a half!  He and I have both grown so much though he may have been annoyed that I kept calling him Wyatt which is Kyle’s best friend Zoey’s little brother.  Sorry Walter to many w’s around.  I love getting together with Dallas and Robbin they are so cute together, I am so happy Robbin came into Dallas’ life.  Here are a few of my favorites from their family session.  We had so many cute ones from their family mini!

The Riparian Preserve: Grandparents Session

How special is it to get the grandparents in the frame.  I jump all over an opportunity to capture grandparents with their grandkids.  This time was no different Nicole contacted me to capture her parents with the kids before her dad has to return to Canada after visiting his newest grand-daughter.  I always love hanging with Charlie, Jack, and the newest member Ella.  Everyone did a wonderful job, you have to be fast when it comes to toddlers they don’t sit still long but Jack did an awesome job.  Here are a few of my favorites from their grandparents session.

Shea Wash, Scottsdale: Rathbun Family Session

Last year I got together with Cassie and her family and man how much have her kids changed over the year.  Bryson was so sweet he absolutely being in front of the camera.  I had so much fun Avery was a little shy but as soon as we started exploring she was so happy.  This family is such a sweet family, and I absolutely loved this location.  Sometimes you see pictures and you see the dreamy location only to find out it is a wash off of a busy street.  I want to go back!

Veteran’s Oasis Park: Tribble Family

Lets talk about the Tribble family and how fun they are!  Ed and I have known each other from our days at channel 12.  It was so nice to see a familiar face when I took my daughter to Preschool one day and I saw Ed there dropping off his boys.  Then fast forward to this past year and Ed’s youngest boy and my son Kyle were in the same class.  It was so nice to see him and to finally meet his sweet wife.  I was so excited when Ed came up to me one day at school and asked if we could do a mini session.  We happen to schedule it on the hottest day of the year so far but the kiddos did a fantastic job and we were still able to capture some beautiful images for them!  One of my favorite photos that I needed or wanted to include was the funny outtake it was how we ended our fun session!

Usery Regional Mountain: Bauer Family

I had so much fun in the desert with Morgan, Adam, and Aiden!  Morgan let me take control of all of their session even helping them decided what to wear.  It was so fun going through Morgan’s closet because I always love what she is wearing so I knew that she would have all kinds of things to choose from.  The harder ones were actually the boys so I sat down and basically shopped for her on H&M’s website and we were able to decided what the boys were going to wear and I feel like it all came together so nice.   Their session was one of my hour sessions so we were able to concentrate on Aiden and full family shots and then we were able to get a lot of couples pictures at the end.

Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area: Haldiman Boys

It was so fun hanging with Kelsey, Strat, and Percy!  Percy just turned one so to celebrate we did pictures.  We got to hang out in nature in the middle of the city.  There is this cool place in downtown Phoenix called Rio Salado Habitat Restoration and the Strat thought it was cool because we found some butterflies.  It was so fun to get Kelsey in on the photo taking fun too!  I am loving watching these boys grow up they are both the best little guys!

The Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch: The Parrott Family

I have to say that my kiddos have been truly blessed so far in their education.  They have always ended up with pretty awesome teachers.  Mrs.

was one of my sons fabulous preschool teachers for the 2018-2019 school year.  She and Mrs. Squires did so much for him so it was such an honor to gift her with a mini family session.  I had so much fun working with her family.  The girls are just the sweetest and well Mr. blakey he was so fun and quite the ham.  And her husband was such a trouper especially after being out of the country for work.  Here are some fun images from their session!

Coon Bluff: Bataller Extended Family

I was so excited when Kacie got a hold of me and asked if we could do an extended family session for her in-laws. We had so much fun! You never know what is going to happen when you have 6 kids especially when 3 of them are the cutest set of triplets, but I would say that this session went so smooth and everyone was so cute. You can tell that there is a lot of love and a few more hands to help with the sweet babies. Check out some more cute pictures from their session!


Taylor Turned 5

I should have done this blog a while ago since she has now been 5 for 2 months. I think I am still in denial that my baby is 5 years old and in Kindergarten.  So none the less here it is I guess better late than never.  We headed over to Nichols Park to catch a pretty sunset and to also have a little green going on now that we live in the desert.

This little girl has been through quite a few moves in her time on this earth but we are so thankful to have been able to give her the experiences that she has had.  In the last year she started preschool, she spent a lot of time at the happiest place on earth, and she has become quite the little model.  When we went to do her pictures we were quickly running out of light but this girl just wanted to keep going.  The sun was gone and the light was leaving us quickly but Taylor in all her optimism wanted to keep going there was still light.  Well here are just a few of my favorite from her 5 year session.