Downtown Phoenix: The Staten Family

I just got to hang out with the Staten family a month ago for sweet handsome Ronin’s Fresh48 session.  I was so excited when Julia said that she wanted to do another family session this year.  Nothing makes a photographer feel really good then when a client keeps returning to them.  I had so much fun with Julia and Lee and the girls…oh yeah and sweet baby Ronin.  We walked around Roosevelt Row and part of Downtown Phoenix.  I also am still floored by how much downtown Phoenix has grown and delevloped and I love it.  I don’t shoot down there much but when I do I always love finding new places to shoot like brick building with this big white door.

Reid Orchard & Hamilton Farms: Kati and Todd

I was so excited that we could fit in this session with Kati and Todd.  Todd was such a good sport. I had asked Kati if they would mind letting me shoot them so I could work out some things and they were perfect.  They were the definition of relaxed. They let me work through what would work and what would not and I loved it and I fell in love with all of their pictures so this will probably be an over share but I just can’t help it.

Phon D & Coon Bluff: Naderi Maternity

Meet the Naderi family, they are expecting another boy and are so very excited about it!  You can already tell that Aiden is going to be a good big brother.  It was so much fun getting to know Naderi and her family.  I hope that the transition from a family of 3 to a family of 4 goes smoothly.

Usery Regional Mountain: Bauer Family

I had so much fun in the desert with Morgan, Adam, and Aiden!  Morgan let me take control of all of their session even helping them decided what to wear.  It was so fun going through Morgan’s closet because I always love what she is wearing so I knew that she would have all kinds of things to choose from.  The harder ones were actually the boys so I sat down and basically shopped for her on H&M’s website and we were able to decided what the boys were going to wear and I feel like it all came together so nice.   Their session was one of my hour sessions so we were able to concentrate on Aiden and full family shots and then we were able to get a lot of couples pictures at the end.

Couple’s Session:| Pacheco/Herold Riparian Reserve at Water Ranch session

So normally you see me posting blogs on newborn, family, and kids session but every once in a while I like to change things up.  I was really excited to when Mike came to me and asked for me to do his and Liz’s save-the-date pictures.  We had so much fun we headed out to the Gilbert Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch for a sunset session.  This couple was so much fun we had a good time and we were able to capture some sweet moments between Liz and Mike.  Even though I will not be capturing their wedding I am excited for their special day.  I know it will be a wonderful start to this new chapter in their lives.