Water User: Why you should trust your Photographer

This mama has trusted me with every shoot we have done together. Everything from style to location to my creative eye for shooting. All of her family picture I have styled them head to toe. Lucky for her she has had most of their outfits in their closets but you don’t have to have a picture perfect closet, I can send you links to outfits that should work for your family. I am also currently working on building up a client closet with outfits for mom. When ever you book a session I will send you my style guide, if you book a full family session I will go even further to help you find outfits.

I also have quite a few locations that I love to shoot at and I will help you to find a location that will work for your family. I want to make sure everything is exactly how you had hoped. I want you to print these photos and have them displayed in your house so you can enjoy them and friends and family can boast about how gorgeous your family is!

This family trusted me when I said lets go play in the water! They didn’t hesitate when I asked them to do this session with me. Morgan always has the best dresses and I secretly want to take this dress and put it in my client closet for all of you to wear but I have been looking at a few of them on resale sights so hopefully soon! We went and played in the water in the morning light but I also think this spot would be beautiful in the evening time soon. With the light hitting the mountain! Here are just a few of my favorites (sorry for the over share I have a lot that are my favorites) along with a cute little film of the family that I put together!

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