Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area: Haldiman Boys

It was so fun hanging with Kelsey, Strat, and Percy!  Percy just turned one so to celebrate we did pictures.  We got to hang out in nature in the middle of the city.  There is this cool place in downtown Phoenix called Rio Salado Habitat Restoration and the Strat thought it was cool because we found some butterflies.  It was so fun to get Kelsey in on the photo taking fun too!  I am loving watching these boys grow up they are both the best little guys!

Coon Bluff: Samantha’s 2019 Senior Session

It was so incredibly nice getting to know Samantha as  we did her senior session.  Samantha was a 2019 senior at Desert Ridge High School where she was part of Student council, the math club, and do community service.   She loves country music which came in handy during our session.  Did you know listening to music helps loosen you up and makes you not so stiff during your session.  Samantha was so willing to do what I asked of her and at the very end of the session we were rewarded with some pretty wild horses going through behind us!  She had so many great images I couldn’t narrow them down.

Nichols Park: Valentine’s Day Minis!

2019 is going to be great year I just know it. And to kick off 2019 I held a morning of Valentine’s Day Minis and I had some of the cutest kiddos come out for it! I had 4 families participate and I think we had a lot of fun. For a few it was their first Valentine’s Day.

Papago Park: Haldiman Family

Meet the Haldiman family they are super sweet.  Kelsey’s and I have know each other for a few years.  Her family like mine has moved around a bit.  But they have made it back to Arizona where they have family.  I was so excited when she messaged me and wanted to do family pictures.  I was finally able to meet her 2 boys who might I say are the cutest little boys around.  Here are some more pictures from their mini fall session.

Papago Park: Rathbun Family

Cassie and I use to work together on the same show at channel 12.  It was fun getting to work with their family again.  Avery is such a cute and Bryson is getting so big.  It is fun to watch their family grow.  It was such a pleasure capturing some more photos of their family this past fall.  Enjoy some more from their session at Papago Park.


Papago Park: Hewitson Family

Let me introduce you the the Hewitson Family.  They are so sweet Sherry and I met through a moms group in Chandler, and her daughter Meadow is in between the ages of my kids.  Here husband Tony has been working in California for a couple of months so getting them together was special.  I am so happy that we were able to find a time when Tony was in town to grab a quick family session.  So here are some more fun pictures from their session.

Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch: The Robbinson Family

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Marissa, Tiffany and their kiddos over the last year.  I am so happy that they asked me to do some fall pictures for their family and I know going into it Marissa’s main goal was to have one picture where both boys were looking and I think we accomplished that so it was a win win.  Both Tiffany and Marissa have their hands full with their full of life boys.  I am not sure how they do it my one boy keeps me on my toes I can’t not imagine with 2.  I my heart goes out to all the boy moms out there.    I hope that you can tell through these pictures how much fun we had!