The Hays Family

I had so much fun with the Hay’s family.  They were my very last family in Florida.  Madison is just the cutest and reminds me of my own daughter spunky.  And Austin is seems a bit shy but full of a lot of energy.  We had such a great time at Lake Runnymede Conservation area.  That had to be by far my favorite place to shoot in Florida. I love the moss hanging from the trees!

Julie’s Christmas Mini

Julie’s mama asked if I could capture just one picture for her Christmas Cards.  The problem is we had a few for her to pick from and by a few I mean like 15 (I like to make this difficult for her mama I mean what are friends for).  I have taken pictures of Julie a few times over the year and a half I have known her and her mama and I noticed that as she has warmed up to me the pictures have gotten easier.  Julie is a mover and she is quick but I love showing her mom that it is OK we can still capture some awesome photos.

The Magill Bunch

It is always so much fun when I get together with my sister and I love when she asks me to update their family pictures.  The kids are getting way to big but they sure are cute.  We had so much fun going over to the park by my parents house to capture some family pictures.  They are a pretty easy group to work with full of a bunch of cheezers.  They are always so much fun which comes out in all of their pictures so enjoy!!

The Burish Clan

So I am back to blogging now that we are through the busy season and I have made it through the move from Florida to Arizona so I will be spending the next couple of weeks catching up on Blogs.  First up the Burish Clan.

This clan is one of my favorites and this session was just so much fun.  Katie asked me if I could meet them at the park and also grab some pictures from the t-ball game 2 of the kids were playing in.  This just made my day because I love a good documentary/lifestyle session and that is what this turned out to be!  The last time we did pictures the kiddos were like who are you I am not sure I will smile or sit still for you.  Well it was still super hard to get one solid picture of all four kiddos but they were Definitely not shy this time.


The Lindleys take Disney

Sorry  guys I know I am terrible at this I promise I will try to get better.  That being said lets talk about my session with the Lindley Family.

I have known Matt and Veronica since our College days.  We were all Marching Sycamores at Indiana State University in Terre Haute Indiana.  Since our college days these two have gotten married and have had 2 kiddos.  They just happen to be down visiting from Indiana doing a Disney vacation and wanted to do a family session at their resort.  They were staying at the Pop Century Resort which just so happens to be connected to the Art of Animations Resort.  So we headed over to the Art of Animation because anyone with small kiddos knows that their life revolves around the movies Cars, Little Mermaid, Lion King, well just any Disney movie really.  We had so much fun walking around seeing characters from our all our favorite movies.  We may have been super hot and sweaty but we were having fun!  I hope you all enjoy your pictures and thank you Veronica for entrusting me to capture some family time while you were on vacation!

Riley’s 4th of July Mini

Riley’s mom and I had been talking for a bit about whether I was going to do a 4th of July themed mini session and even though I decided against doing them I told her lets meet up and do some of Riley because lets face it that girl is such a cute and I was happy to have her in front of the camera.  Her brother Brody also came along and well we couldn’t miss out on getting him in front of the camera and luckily he was a very willing participant.  Thank you Ashley for bringing them over we had fun!!!

Taylor Turned 4!

This year for my daughters 4th birthday we  decided on a fairy princess tea party session and we asked 2 of her friends if they wanted to join us.  We had so much fun we went out to Lake Runnymede Conservation Area to have her session and with the moss hanging from the trees it just gave it a magical look.  I want to give a special shout out and thank you to Addy and Julie for joining us for this session and to their mamas Maria and Nicole for bringing them out to play.  By play I mean that is really what we did we just had a small play date and I took pictures.  Thanks for a great session girls!!!

Baby G Newborn Lifestyle

Guinevere Linda was 12 days new when we were able to do her in-home newborn lifestyle session.  Baby G has such a wonderful big sister.  Elizabeth was super excited to have her picture taken.   Baby G’s mom has a special place in my heart, we were in the same Sorority in College she was my daughter.   It has been so fun to see how far she has come since Jennifer and I first became friends.  She has a wonderful husband, 2 beautiful daughters, and she also runs her very own Music Therapy business in Indianapolis (Dynamic Music Therapy).   They also do music classes for little ones.  Basically she is an awesome boss babe!  Thank you Jennifer for letting me come in and hang with your wonderful family for a little while one of these days we will get all 4 of our kiddos together to play!

Mommy and Me

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all to beautiful Moms out there.  I know I am a bit late but this past week was a crazy week.  So now that it has calmed down I thought I would get on here and blog about a special Mommy and Me session!

So my family moved to the St. Cloud a little over a year ago.  We moved clear across the country for California.  Meeting new families is always hard but the kids and I decided to head to a play-date set up through a local mom group in town.  We were running late that day and so we got there as everyone was leaving but Maria and her daughter Addy decided to stay and play with us.  We became fast friends and never looked back.

I am so glad that I was able to do a mommy and me session with her.  Her daughter Addy is just the sweetest and her son Lucas well he is just so chill and relaxed I wish my son was more like that haha.  We headed down to the lake front in town to get some pictures in front of the water because she wanted to update her wall in her house and it was water/ocean themed.  We had a blast and I can’t wait to do more pictures with this family!

Julie’s Easter Mini

If you ask my daughter who her best friend is she has about 3 dozen but usually up in the top 5 after myself of course is Julie.  We always have so much fun with this girl and she has a lot of energy.  Her mama has her work cut out for her.  Anytime we try to do pictures of Julie it is a you never know what you are going to get well this time we changed things up and had Julie be Julie.  We tried for 2 minutes to not get a cheesy smile that didn’t work so Julie and I had fun and I let her just be silly.  It worked we manage to get some fun pictures of her done and to her moms surprise we were able to catch that genuine Julie smile with out the word cheese coming out of her mouth.  We told jokes, we thought there was a monkey on my head, and her mama even changed the words to one of her favorite songs.

While we were doing Easter mini’s we decided to throw a couple of mommy and me in the mix too.  I am so glad that we were able to get her mama in the pictures because Julie is so her mini me and plus it was just a blast!