Julie’s Easter Mini

If you ask my daughter who her best friend is she has about 3 dozen but usually up in the top 5 after myself of course is Julie.  We always have so much fun with this girl and she has a lot of energy.  Her mama has her work cut out for her.  Anytime we try to do pictures of Julie it is a you never know what you are going to get well this time we changed things up and had Julie be Julie.  We tried for 2 minutes to not get a cheesy smile that didn’t work so Julie and I had fun and I let her just be silly.  It worked we manage to get some fun pictures of her done and to her moms surprise we were able to catch that genuine Julie smile with out the word cheese coming out of her mouth.  We told jokes, we thought there was a monkey on my head, and her mama even changed the words to one of her favorite songs.

While we were doing Easter mini’s we decided to throw a couple of mommy and me in the mix too.  I am so glad that we were able to get her mama in the pictures because Julie is so her mini me and plus it was just a blast!

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