Coon Bluff: Bataller Extended Family

I was so excited when Kacie got a hold of me and asked if we could do an extended family session for her in-laws. We had so much fun! You never know what is going to happen when you have 6 kids especially when 3 of them are the cutest set of triplets, but I would say that this session went so smooth and everyone was so cute. You can tell that there is a lot of love and a few more hands to help with the sweet babies. Check out some more cute pictures from their session!


Mesa: Bataller Family

Let me tell you about this wonderful family.  This is the Bataller family, Kacie and I use to work together in my previous life.  Since I have started my family and changed my career to a sahm Kacie met her husband David and they now have 4 beautiful girls.  How is crazy is this they have identical triplet girls.  I got to sit and talk to Kacie’s mom before the session and we were talking about the 3 girls and how they tell them apart she told me about each of the girls personalities and those are definitely already shining through.  They each have their on unique personalities and big sister Viviana seems to be taking having 3 sisters in stride and she looks like she is a good big sister.  Kacie’s mom wanted pictures of her with the girls for Christmas this year and I was honored that Kacie asked me if I could do them for her.  Here are a few more from their session!