The Riparian Preserve: Grandparents Session

How special is it to get the grandparents in the frame.  I jump all over an opportunity to capture grandparents with their grandkids.  This time was no different Nicole contacted me to capture her parents with the kids before her dad has to return to Canada after visiting his newest grand-daughter.  I always love hanging with Charlie, Jack, and the newest member Ella.  Everyone did a wonderful job, you have to be fast when it comes to toddlers they don’t sit still long but Jack did an awesome job.  Here are a few of my favorites from their grandparents session.

Apache Junction: Meek Newborn Twins

I was very excited and nervous at the same time as the Meek Twins were my very first set of twins.  Lyncoln and Lyla were so cute but definitely a different challenge.  They kept mom and I laughing though as we would get one calmed down and the other would get upset but in the end I think we were able to get some pictures that mom and dad can look back on and enjoy.  We were also able to do a film for this session and I am so excited that I am able to offer these to my newborn and fresh48 clients.  Here are some of my favorites plus her film.


Shea Wash, Scottsdale: Rathbun Family Session

Last year I got together with Cassie and her family and man how much have her kids changed over the year.  Bryson was so sweet he absolutely being in front of the camera.  I had so much fun Avery was a little shy but as soon as we started exploring she was so happy.  This family is such a sweet family, and I absolutely loved this location.  Sometimes you see pictures and you see the dreamy location only to find out it is a wash off of a busy street.  I want to go back!

Fresh48: Meet Baby Ronin


I was beyond excited for my friend Julia and her husband Lee when they announced that they were expecting a little boy!  I wasn’t in town when they had their little girl Kennedy so it is fun to be in town for Ronin.  I was extra excited and honored when she asked if I would do a fresh 48 for her little family.  Ronin is just the cutest thing in the world and he has 3 of the best big sisters.  One of which was at the hospital too meet him.  Kennedy is just the cutest and already such a great big sister.  She is planning on teaching him all the fun things!  Here are a few of my favorite from their session plus a little film that I put together for them!


Veterans Oasis: Porter Family Mini

I got to meet Marie through another mom friend and we became fast friends.  She is the sweetest mom raising two very awesome human beings!  Hudson and Gemma are two of the cutests kids.  We did valentine’s day pictures back in February and Gemma didn’t want anything to do with me or my camera and this time we were able to capture her super cuteness.  And we ended the night checking on the ducks in the water!

Fresh48: Meet Baby Ella

Let’s just talk about this Fresh 48 session. Nicole allowed me to come in after Baby Ella came out of the NICU. Nicole was my lucky mom who was the first to receive a film with her Fresh 48 session and let me tell you we have all melted over the film of baby Ella with her little cries and her sweet little noises that they make. Baby Ella was a few weeks early but she was a sweet 6lbs 8ozs with a head full of hair. I am always jealous of those sweet babies that come out with a head full of hair.

Here is a short film from her session along with some of my favorite images from her session!



Salt River: Magill Maternity Session

So I have been keeping a secret a kind of big secret.  My sister was pregnant with her 5th little cutie.  What makes her story a special one that she is doing this while her husband is on the other side of the world serving our country.  Some might call her crazy I may have a couple of times but she is also a superhero.  All military spouses are superheros.  They may not be the ones fighting in the wars but they are serving our country right here by holding down the fort taking care of the family making sure that everything goes on while their other half is not there.  Christina is doing all this while growing my 12th Niece.  That is right I have 6 nephews and now I have 6 nieces.  She did a road trip this summer with my parents and came out to visit my family and while they were out here we did a quick session down by the river.   Here are a few of my favorites from the session!  We also did some pictures for my niece Paige’s 8th birthday!

Roosevelt Row Arts District: Rathbun Anniversary session

I was so excited when Cassie got a hold of me and wanted to do a session with just her and Bryan.  Couple’s alone usually are not my thing but I am starting to find that I love doing these sessions.  We as couples the longer we are married and the more children we add to our brew we need to remember where it all started.  Just 2 humans who fell in love and decided to dedicate their lives to each other.  I had so much fun walking around the arts district of Downtown Phoenix.  This area is a spot that has really been built up over the last 6 years because I don’t remember any of it when I was working downtown.  I have now fallen in love with this area.  It screams couples and seniors and I am excited to see what it will be like when I take families down there.  There is just so many ways to capture an urban feel!  Here are just some of my favorites from their session and well there are a lot it was hard to narrow it down!  Enjoy!

Reid Orchard & Hamilton Farms: Kati and Todd

I was so excited that we could fit in this session with Kati and Todd.  Todd was such a good sport. I had asked Kati if they would mind letting me shoot them so I could work out some things and they were perfect.  They were the definition of relaxed. They let me work through what would work and what would not and I loved it and I fell in love with all of their pictures so this will probably be an over share but I just can’t help it.

Lincoln Boyhood National Park: Dillman Family

I have known Jackie for a long time.  Her dad taught at the same high school my parents taught and worked at.  Her dad also coached track with my dad so we spent a lot of times as kids together.  The last time I did pictures with them was when she was pregnant with Phoebe so this session was a long time in the making.  Her munchkins are full of so much energy but I had fun chasing them around and they definitely helped me get my work out in but I was so happy I could capture this moment in life for her.