BFY Colton 9 Months

Wow little boy you need to slow down it is hard to believe that you are 9 months almost 10 months already.  You are getting way to big way to fast I love getting to watch you grow up.  The fact that we are closer is making it even better.  Colton is another little one that I have gotten to take pictures of since he was a newborn.  Both of us have grown so much in the last 9 months and still have a lot of growing yet to do.  It is hard to believe the next time I photograph him, he will be a year which is crazy to me.  He is one of the most handsome boys I know but I might be a little biases since he is my nephew.

We decided to try some pictures in side with a rocker that is my parents and I believe came from one of my grandparents houses I believe my moms parents.  Anyways my parents have a beautiful fireplace so it worked perfect for the setting.  We then headed out because it was a beautiful warm November day.  The leave have started to change colors and fall so it was the perfect fall setting and Colton loved just crawling every where.  I am sad your first year is almost over but we have all enjoyed every minute of it so far!

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