Meet Your Photographer




Hi everyone my name is Jennifer.  I know what you all are thinking, there already is a place for you to learn about me, but I wanted to just write a blog that kind of told you more.

So lets start at the very beginning… its a very good place to start.  Ok I know you are all breaking out in song just like me right…ok maybe not.  Anyways like I said my name is Jennifer Rupprecht I was  born and raised a Hoosier lived there for 24 years of my life.  Though you might find it interesting to know I am not and IU fan.  I am a Michigan State Spartans fan.  Long story short I have family that live in Michigan and they are Michigan State fans and have drilled into me from a young age all things Spartan!  I have a degree from Indiana State University in Radio/TV/Film and I worked 10 years in the news business.  I did everything from running the telepromptor, graphics, studio camera, and editing, but I would have to say my favorite job was as a photographer/multimedia journalist.  I met my now husband back in 2005 at Indiana State, most of our dating life was long distance.  He finished school a semester before me and moved to Oklahoma.  We were together 4 years before he finally proposed to me and then it was another year before we got married.  So basically we had been together 5 years before we ever said I DO.  Fast forward almost 3 years we were living in Arizona and both well into our careers him in Construction me in News when we had our oldest child Taylor who is now 3.  We decided it was best that I become a stay at home mom which I love because I was able to be there for all the big milestones.  9 months into her life we picked up and moved to Northern California where a year later we welcomed our youngest child Kyle who is almost 18 months.  Now with these kids came a lot of pictures I mean a lot.  (Maybe I share too much who knows who cares)  Well for Christmas my husband got me a brand new Sony A6000 mirrorless DSLR and I was so excited because it meant that maybe I could still continue my career of telling stories.  I loved getting to go interview people and learning about them and then hopefully do their story justice.  We currently reside in Saint Cloud Florida where I am working on getting my business off the ground.

I have found out through trial and error that my nitch in this little photography  business is lifestyle because I am doing exactly what I did when I worked in my career I was telling someone’s story.  Do you ever look at a picture and wonder what someone is thinking.  You know the saying a picture can say a 1000 words, well that is exactly what I am going for in my sessions.  Some might think well I still want that Portrait photography, great we can take a couple of shots where everyone is looking at the camera, but then we can get some candid of your family doing whatever it is that you love doing!

I hope that this post helped you to maybe get to know me a little better and I can’t wait capture a day in your life whether it be Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Children, or your family.  I am excited to start telling your story!



Senior session

So let me first start off by stating that Morgan is not a senior but she once was almost 3 years ago which is hard for me to believe.  But I asked Morgan if she would model a senior portrait session for me and she happily said yes.

Morgan and I grew up together well sorta with about 13 years difference in age.  Morgan was and well she still is sort of my neighbor.  She and her parents live across the way from my parents.  When Morgan was born my sister and I got the opportunity to hang out with her a lot as a baby while her parents did work out in their yard.  It was always so much fun and well for me it is just hard to believe that this beautiful young girl is growing up and will be entering her Junior year at Hanover College.  I still remember her as this little girl that grew up across the way from me and who I got to play with when she was a baby.

Morgan to the long drive over to my parents house. (ok maybe it was more of a short trot!)  My parents have a great yard they are located in what I like to call a small forest in the middle of the country.  They have a lot of trees, a pond, and a small open area in the very back.   All which made for a beautiful backdrop all though you don’t really need a beautiful backdrop for Morgan as she is beautiful inside and out she can make any background look good.  Thank you again Morgan!!!!

Colton Turns 6 Months

It is hard to believe that this little man turned 6 Months.  It seems like just yesterday I was meeting him for the first time.

Colton is the youngest of 4 kids.  He has two wonderful parents and I think that he looks a little like both of them.  While in Indiana Colton and his family (who happen to be my sister, nieces, and nephew) were visiting his Grandparents who live out in the middle of nowhere.  It made for the perfect background for some 6 months pictures.  He still isn’t really sitting on his own but that didn’t stop us from being able to get some super cute pictures.  This little boy has the best smile and the prettiest eyes I just can never get enough of him!  I hope that you enjoy him as much as I do!!!

Welcome Baby Talia

Welcome to the world baby Talia!  This little girl is just so beautiful I could not get enough of her.  She is just so tiny and sweet.  Talia was 10 days new when I captured her.  Her tiny little hands and feet made me kind of miss those days.

I went to their home up in Lake Nona and they had a perfect window that let in enough natural light that we were able to do all the photos in the comfort of their home.  Talia was perfect when it came to letting me play with her.  She slept for most of her shoot even when her big brother came in and wanted to play.  She has so much love around her with her parents and brother.

Talia has a beautiful caterpillar that her parents got her from Israel that has the alphabet on it.  Before coming to Orlando Rosy, her husband Deen, and son Kaiden lived for 2 years abroad in Israel where her husband was working on a project at an Intel plant.  They found out they were pregnant while still over there so they wanted their newest member to have a keepsake from there.  I think this is perfect one that she will have forever.

Welcome Baby Lucas

Please welcome baby Lucas who was born on June 6th.  He was welcomed into this world by mom Maria, dad Steven, and big sister Addy.  You can already tell at just 1 month old this little boy is very loved by a lot of people.

I met Maria around April at a playdate I was very new to town and I was running way late and she stayed and hung out for a while and our girls got to know each other.  Theybecame quick friends and now my daughter Taylor always ask when she is going to see her friend Addy again.  I hope that our sons will also become close friends as they grow older.

I went over to Maria and Steven’s house to do the newborn pictures and they had a nice bright little bedroom in the front of the house perfect for natural light pictures.   We tried to sneak a few pictures in outside while the sun was behind what we thought was rain clouds, but just as we got outside and started snapping pictures the sun came out and made it just unbelievable hot.  We successfully got some in but we were able to grab some real beauties once we moved inside.  Since Lucas was almost 1 month old at the time of pictures he was  awake the whole time.  Can you blame him though he didn’t want to miss out on the party.

We were able to grab some great shots of him with his big sister Addy who just loves her little brother to death.  I heard a lot of can I hold him, yep that line sounds very familiar to me I heard it a lot with my own daughter.  Addy loved to give hugs (or as I always put it choke holds) to her brother and lots and lots of kisses.  You can already tell these two are going to have so much fun growing up together.

July 4th Mini Sessions

So we have been living in St. Cloud for about 4 months now and I have already gotten to know some wonderful people.  I decided that I would like to try doing some mini sessions for some of the families that I had met.  I didn’t know if any of them would actually say yes or think I was just some crazy person.  But to my surprise and excitement they said did say yes.  So I decided to set up a couple of different settings in my backyard with an Independence Day theme, because I have a old wooden fence that I actually kind of like.  (if it wasn’t falling over I would beg for my husband to keep it)  While doing these session I found out that it gets very hot and humid very early in Florida but for the most part the kids did great!


Ready for Baby Number 2

I had the pleasure of knowing Rosy for a few years now.  We met when we both lived in Chandler Arizona, our husbands both work for the same company Hensel Phelps.  For two years we both lived literally in two different countries.  Rosy, Dean, and their son Kaiden moved to Israel, while my husband, myself, and our daughter moved to California.  Rosy and I kept in touch the whole time and when she announced that she was expecting baby number 2 I  couldn’t be more excited for her.  Then I found out we would both be relocating to Orlando Florida!  We were excited to be back together again.

Starting up this Photography business has been in the works for a while and I thought who better to be a model for a maternity session then Rosy and her family.  She looks so good right now and is patiently waiting for her daughter to arrive.

I found this beautiful location close to home called Chisholm Regional Park.  It is a beautiful wooded park with moss hanging from the trees.  I am a sucker for moss hanging from the trees I just love that look.  It is also located on a lake and so it gives you that beach ocean side feel if you want, a woodsy feel, or even a wide open field.  Just so much to choose from.  We were able to capture some beautiful pictures with my favorite being of their son Kaiden taking their picture he is a pro already.