Welcome Baby Talia

Welcome to the world baby Talia!  This little girl is just so beautiful I could not get enough of her.  She is just so tiny and sweet.  Talia was 10 days new when I captured her.  Her tiny little hands and feet made me kind of miss those days.

I went to their home up in Lake Nona and they had a perfect window that let in enough natural light that we were able to do all the photos in the comfort of their home.  Talia was perfect when it came to letting me play with her.  She slept for most of her shoot even when her big brother came in and wanted to play.  She has so much love around her with her parents and brother.

Talia has a beautiful caterpillar that her parents got her from Israel that has the alphabet on it.  Before coming to Orlando Rosy, her husband Deen, and son Kaiden lived for 2 years abroad in Israel where her husband was working on a project at an Intel plant.  They found out they were pregnant while still over there so they wanted their newest member to have a keepsake from there.  I think this is perfect one that she will have forever.

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