Welcome Baby Lucas

Please welcome baby Lucas who was born on June 6th.  He was welcomed into this world by mom Maria, dad Steven, and big sister Addy.  You can already tell at just 1 month old this little boy is very loved by a lot of people.

I met Maria around April at a playdate I was very new to town and I was running way late and she stayed and hung out for a while and our girls got to know each other.  Theybecame quick friends and now my daughter Taylor always ask when she is going to see her friend Addy again.  I hope that our sons will also become close friends as they grow older.

I went over to Maria and Steven’s house to do the newborn pictures and they had a nice bright little bedroom in the front of the house perfect for natural light pictures.   We tried to sneak a few pictures in outside while the sun was behind what we thought was rain clouds, but just as we got outside and started snapping pictures the sun came out and made it just unbelievable hot.  We successfully got some in but we were able to grab some real beauties once we moved inside.  Since Lucas was almost 1 month old at the time of pictures he was  awake the whole time.  Can you blame him though he didn’t want to miss out on the party.

We were able to grab some great shots of him with his big sister Addy who just loves her little brother to death.  I heard a lot of can I hold him, yep that line sounds very familiar to me I heard it a lot with my own daughter.  Addy loved to give hugs (or as I always put it choke holds) to her brother and lots and lots of kisses.  You can already tell these two are going to have so much fun growing up together.

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