Senior session

So let me first start off by stating that Morgan is not a senior but she once was almost 3 years ago which is hard for me to believe.  But I asked Morgan if she would model a senior portrait session for me and she happily said yes.

Morgan and I grew up together well sorta with about 13 years difference in age.  Morgan was and well she still is sort of my neighbor.  She and her parents live across the way from my parents.  When Morgan was born my sister and I got the opportunity to hang out with her a lot as a baby while her parents did work out in their yard.  It was always so much fun and well for me it is just hard to believe that this beautiful young girl is growing up and will be entering her Junior year at Hanover College.  I still remember her as this little girl that grew up across the way from me and who I got to play with when she was a baby.

Morgan to the long drive over to my parents house. (ok maybe it was more of a short trot!)  My parents have a great yard they are located in what I like to call a small forest in the middle of the country.  They have a lot of trees, a pond, and a small open area in the very back.   All which made for a beautiful backdrop all though you don’t really need a beautiful backdrop for Morgan as she is beautiful inside and out she can make any background look good.  Thank you again Morgan!!!!

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