Dillman Holiday Mini

So I have been a little behind on blogging with the Holiday’s.  The Holiday’s kind of swept in really quick and with sessions and family time we got super busy, but now that the holiday’s and travel are done for a bit it is time to catch up on the blog.

We will start out with the Dillman family.  Jacqueline Dillman and her son Ryan along with her Dad met up at to do some fall pictures.  Ryan is a spit fire which isn’t a bad thing.  He was on the go and loving playing in the dirt and the leaves just like any little boy wants to do.  We were able to get some good pictures.  He especially liked when we would have him run.  Jacqueline is pregnant with her rainbow baby so we thought it would be fun to also get some fun pictures with her and Ryan.  Over all I say with a 2-year-old it was a success!


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