National Adoption Month

Did you know November was national Adoption month? There are so many sweet kids out there looking for a forever family. This month has me looking back on this time last year when I was able to help capture some special memories for my dear friend.

I want to introduce you to my friend Caitlin and her husband Chris.

I swear they have the biggest hearts. They decided to go on the journey to foster to adopt. They were able to help a couple of kiddos but it is the last one that ended up with his forever home. Meet Ryland!

This kid has the sweetest heart every time I saw him or we hung out I always got the best hugs. Ryland had been in foster care for a while he came to Caitlin and Chris when he was 2 or almost 2. Turns out he would find his forever family in my friend Caitlins family. I was able to capture this family a lot and I loved and felt honored that she wanted me to be a part of it. While I was unable to make it work with my schedule to be there during the zoom hearing that would officially make him one of the family I still was able to capture part of their day!!! Happy 1 year Gotcha Ya Day Ryland!!!

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