Lost Dutchman Pass: Brock Family

I can’t speak for Tiffany but for me she has become a fast new friend.  We meet I would say a few months after we moved back to the valley and I think we became instant friends (mean who knows she probably thinks I am crazy most do lol).  Kate and Taylor have become fast friends they ask if each other are going to be at play dates.

Tiffany is a fellow photographer and lets just say shooting a fellow photographer is intimidating and the best all at the same time.   I think sometimes photographers make fellow photographers jobs so easy especially when you find the one that meets you needs and meshes with you.  Tiffany and I have what I feel are similar styles.  Kate is a ham she made this session so easy.  And Joel was also well behaved and cooperative.  Anyways I think I have gone on long enough about this family so here are some fabulous pictures.brock_family_mini_blog-2brock_family_mini_blog-3brock_family_mini_blog-4brock_family_mini_blog-5brock_family_mini_blog-6brock_family_mini_blog-7brock_family_mini_blog-8brock_family_mini_blog-9brock_family_mini_blog-10brock_family_mini_blog-11brock_family_mini_blog-12brock_family_mini_blog-13brock_family_mini_blog-14brock_family_mini_blog-15

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