EastMark: Biederbeck Family Mini

I have had the privilege of knowing Sami and Michael for a few years now.  They are our neighbors and just all around great people.  I remember when they got their puppy Audrey it was right before my family moved to California fast forward 4 years and Audrey such a sweet girl who my kids love seeing outside and My old puppy believes is her very best friend as long as there is a wall between them.

I was so excited when they asked if I could capture some family pictures for them.  It was the one request that their parents had asked for.  Of course I said heck yeah lets do it.  So we went out to a newer community out in the far east valley.  They have this cute little park out there with a pond and a garden. beiderbeck_family_mini_blog-9beiderbeck_family_mini_blog-8beiderbeck_family_mini_blog-7beiderbeck_family_mini_blog-6beiderbeck_family_mini_blog-5beiderbeck_family_mini_blog-4beiderbeck_family_mini_blog-3beiderbeck_family_mini_blog

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