Quarantine Time

What are you all doing during this time? Who all is still under stay at home orders and who all have been let out? Who all are trying their hardest to help there kids with their school work? Luckily here our teachers are amazing and making it super easy on everyone while keeping the kids brains working. Our days in my house consist of Math work, and reading with spelling work. Then Taylor does a daily virtual call with her teacher and classmates to either do, Art, music, P.E., and Spanish class. Her teacher sends a daily story time for her. Then if we are feeling like it we hop on Art Hub and do our own drawing. Kyle has been kind of doing his own thing, I have him work on this program called Khan academy but other then that he has done a virtual class which he loved and watching his beloved power rangers. Luckily we only have one week of school left and then it is summer break which makes me a little sad because now I will have to find a new since of normalcy.

I on the other hand have been over here just working on some creative projects. Before the whole stay at home order went into place and right before all this stuff got super crazy I was able to squeeze in a creative session with a super sweet friend and her family. I did a film with them. This is something I wasn’t going to put out there till closer to fall but now is as good a time as any. I am so excited to announce that starting in August I am going to start offering film sessions. I will be offering different types of sessions…so stay turned for those. I will be announcing the different types of sessions this summer but here is a small dose of a couple of them Enjoy! And don’t worry I am still offering films with all my Newborn and Fresh 48 sessions.

We can do an outside family film where I capture film and photos for you!
One of my favorite things to do which mixes my multimedia journalist time with my mommy time together!
We can do a day in the life! This is a small glimpse!

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