Why you want to book a Full Family Session!

First and #1 reason you get an entire hour with me!  What more of a reason do you need, but if you need more of a reason let me give you a few.  So as we sit and plan out your fall session if you are thinking about doing a mini session again let me stop you and give you some reasons for why you will want a full hour session.  If you are worried that your kids will not last a whole hour do not worry the session will be so laid back that it won’t even feel like an hour.

#2 – Not only do you get a full hour with me but you will also receive all hand picked edited images with a print release.  My mini sessions come with 10 edited images with the option to purchase more. 

#3 – I will help you fully style your session.  I will send you my pinterest board and we can go over colors and then I will find you some shopping links of clothes I think will look so good on your family.  I will pull from H&M, Target, and Amazon.  If you book a mini session I will help you with colors but I will not be able to personally style you.

#4 – You get options for more locations…I try to limit where I do my mini sessions as they are closer to my home.  If you do an hour session I will let you pick a place that might be a little bit further away.

So many good reasons to book a Full 1 hour session vs a Mini Session!!!  Here are some images from sessions that I have styled!  I feel like my help with styling takes a little bit of the stress of a photo session off.  I would like a session with me to be as easy and stress free as possible.

Here are some Photos from 2 sessions that I recently fully styled!

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