How to use your Iphone Camera

So I am going to give you full transparety I started writing this blog before this pandimac so I have had to go thru and make some changes to help those Expecting Mamas and new Mamas. I want to help you take some gorgeous pictures of those sweet babies. So here are my tips.

  1. You can shoot in portrait mode if you have an Iphone but if you don’t know worries. I suggest though if you can change the F stop to change it from 1.4 or even 2.8 to around a 3 depending on how far away from baby you are going to be. This is a first and a must or your baby will look what like to call disconnect from what they are laying on our what is behind them.
  2. Find the light. Preferably a window. Natural light is the most amazing light, don’t worry if it is cloudy that will work in your favor because you will have some wonderful filtered light as clouds are the best filter. I like to put the baby in the I love placing baby in the hospital bassinet and I place it in front of the window. I will a lot of times place babies face facing the light. I will place mama and baby in front of the window. This is a perfect tip if you are wanting to grab some pictures of those babies at home. If there is some good light on the crib I love a wrapped baby in their crib it is a nice perspective.
  3. Grab all those little details the fingers, toes, ears, hair (if they have any), and their little belly button/umbilical cord. You also want to grab a wide shot of the post partum room or the delivery room so you can remember what it looked like during those first 48 hours.
  4. Set a timer and flip the screen so you can place your phone where you can see the screen and make sure to get the whole family in the picture.
  5. Make sure you also grab the reaction of siblings meeting their new baby brother or sister. I highly recommend you grabbing video of this. The wonderful thing about Iphones at least you can grab pictures while you are getting video just push the white button on the screen next to the record button.

How to Edit Your Iphone Pictures

If you want to get crazy you can edit you pictures! I use lightroom mobile but if you don’t have that you can edit them in your photos. Here is a quick video of how I edited a picture of my daughter.

I hope that these tips have helped or will help you guys when it comes to this special time in your life that just seems to be happening right in the middle of a pandemic.

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