Curry Family Mini

I have to quickly say that the Hensel Phelps company is a wonderful company and I am so happy that my husband and our family gets to be a part of this wonderful company and family.  Here is another Hensel Phelps family and what a sweet family they were.   Their girls Elana and Emma were just the cutest.  I have learned with my two that this age is the hardest to get everyone to look in the same direction at the same time, but the girls did a wonderful job.

We headed out to Twin Oaks Conservation area, Inedelmis asked about a Christmas setting, so I brought some ornaments and we were able to find a little pine tree to hang them and on and I think it made for a great back drop and the girls loved playing with the ornaments.  This was a little later in the morning so the sun was kind of harsh and not a lot of shade at this park but I think that we were able to get some great pictures anyways.  Thank you again Curry family for letting me work for you and hope that I get to work for you more in the future!


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