Erbrick Family Mini Session

How fun was this family.  They are part of the Hensel Phelps family which is the company my husband works for.   When you work for Hensel Phelps you tend to move around a lot so it is always nice to connect with another HP family because they know what it is like to get up and move your family a lot.  Once you meet an HP family you know that you will always know them because even if you move away there is always a chance that you will meet up again on a different project in a different city and maybe even a different State.  The Erbricks have lived in Florida for a while now so it was nice to chat and find out things about the weather and life in general here.

The Erbrick’s are such a sweet family and the girls are a blast so ready to be in front of the camera and loved to act goofy!  We decided to take advantage of something that there is plenty of in Florida and that is beaches.  Luckily we didn’t have to drive all the way out to the ocean we were able to meet at the Lake Front in St. Cloud and it worked great as a perfect back drop for this family.  I hope they loved their session as much as I did and I can’t wait to getting to know this family better in the future!  Thank you Erbrick family for having fun with me!

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