Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions


First off I want to start out by saying that you to the Mann Family, the Wright Family, and the Schunk Family for participating in my first mini session of the year!  I had so much fun with this session from finding and coming up with cute ideas for the set up to the actual day and getting to hang out with these beautiful girls and boy (thank you Lucas)!!

The day ended up being a beautiful Florida day.  A little windy at times but nothing we couldn’t work with.  I had so much fun meeting Evelyn and her mom Lisa.  Evelyn was a natural in front of the camera and we were able to just have so much fun.  I love when I do sessions hearing the stories and learning a little bit about everyone I am photographing.  Evelyn happens to be the youngest of 3 kids she has an older brother and sister and I can only imagine the fun they have together if they have half the fun we had together!!

Next up was the Wright kiddos, Addy and Lucas!  These 2 are just the cutest Addy is 3 and Lucas is 8 months.  I had such a blast with them Addy is such a sweet big sister and we were even able to get a smile out of Lucas.  Back story on him and his smile he is always smiling all the time.  When ever I see this boy he is always smiling well on Saturday he decided to play shy in front of the camera it took him a few minutes then we got the smiles out of him that we all know and love.  Thank you Addy and Lucas for being such good sports in front of the camera I love watching you grow up!

And last but not least we have Julie!  She is just to sweet she is also 3 and just loves to have fun.  She would much rather being running around having a good time and playing with bubbles then standing or sitting in one spot which I love.  She made me work and it was a fun type of work so thank you Julia.  I also want to give a quick shout out to her mama Nicole who made the banners for my Mini Session!  She runs PaperPuff Design and does a wonderful job I haven’t been disappointed yet.  If you are looking for banners or cake toppers check her out!!

So Julie, Addy, and my daughter Taylor are also friends and so while they were all three together we were able to capture a couple of cute pictures of the girls!!


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