The Foster Family

I had asked my friend Leslie if I could use her family as models and I am so glad that she said yes.  I met Leslie and her family 2 years ago, a couple of months after my husband and I moved our little family from Phoenix, Arizona to Castro Valley, California.  At the time I did not think it was a great move but after meeting Leslie and a few other moms I soon realized it was a great idea.  Leslie’s son Grant and my daughter Taylor just like their momma’s became instant friends.

Leslie and her husband Jon are realtors and run their own business and after the birth of their daughter Nora, needed an updated family picture.  Which I was happy to help them with.

Thank you Leslie, Jon, Grant, and Nora for not only being patient models for a green Photographer but for also be such wonderful Friends to my family  and myself.  We miss you all dearly.


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