Kian and Elle

I met Kian and Elle (well maybe it was just Kian at first) through their mommy Kristin.  Kristin is a mom I met in Castro Valley, California.  Just like my friend Leslie, Kristin and I quickly became good friends.  We were able to vent to each other and exchange war stories when it came to our kids.  It’s always nice to know you are not alone in this thing called parenting.

Kristin was wanting to try and get some headshots of her daughter Elle.  Well after quickly realizing Elle was not going to sit down and smile at the camera for me, lol, I started chasing her around in her environment.  Luck for us I was able to get some of her looking at the camera.  This was only my second photo shoot and so I am still very green with these photos but I think I got a few good ones.  Oh and we can’t forget big brother Kian he wanted in on the photo shoot as well.  Thank you Kristin for letting me come over and spend sometime capturing Ella and Kian!

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