Newborn: Meet Baby Mayson

First off can we talk about how adorable this little family is. Big brother Jack greeted me immediately when I came into their home and he was just the sweetest. There there is Whitney and Nicholas such a sweet couple.  This sweet little man Mayson he was just so perfect and you can tell he is already use to his big brother. Whitney came to me by way of a past client/friend/teacher and I am so thankful she sent her my way. It is always fun to meet new people especially during such a special time as bringing a new member into the family. I was so excited to be able to provide Whitney with a short film of their session also I am telling you guys I am loving these films as much as you are because I wish I had captured more of these moments with my own kids. Here is a shorten film from her session along with some of my favorites from their session. Boy were there a lot to choose from.




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